The main advantages of Avaletta

Never again do the bookkeeping yourself

All your crew has to do is submit invoices and receipts by scanning them, e-mailing them or uploading them via Google Drive, Dropbox, or the smartphone app. Simple and straightforward.

No more paper work

A paper archive is history. All the data is safely stored in a clear, digital archive in the cloud. No need for cupboards full of files. And furthermore, your entire archive can be viewed via your smartphone thanks to the Android and iPhone app.

Strong link between the yacht owner, yacht management and accountant

Contact with our accountant is primarily digital, you both have access to a portal and share the same data. Do you have a question for your personal accountant? No problem – simply add your query to the document in question. Easy and no chance of miscommunication.

Everything posted within 24 hours

All submitted financial documents will be processed in your online bookkeeping within 24 hours.

Automated online bookkeeping

The bank details are updated daily via automatic bank connections. Using our Universal Business Language, both purchase and sale invoices are recognized automatically and processed immediately.

24/7 insight

Thanks to the regular scanning of invoices and receipts, and the automatic bank connections, you are always informed about the current situation. The personal dashboard provides reliable and easy-to-use information that you can use immediately. From the dashboard, you can always click further, to invoice level if required. Via the financial dashboard, you have immediate insight into any problems, or opportunities for improvement.

Everything in one online bookkeeping platform

From the moment you start working with Avaletta, you automatically have access to a complete bookkeeping platform. This includes a digital archive, online billing regarding any potential rental, project administration and time registration. Need to look up an invoice? Ask your accountant a question? No problem! Everything goes through one online bookkeeping platform, Avaletta.

Accuracy, timeliness and completeness

Our software recognizes double records and all submitted documents are checked.

Connecting with external solutions

Working with Avaletta makes it possible to connect the software with external solutions. For example, it may be useful to have a connection with your collection software and web applications.

Avaletta doesn’t take vacations

Simple administrative transactions no longer have to be carried out by administrative staff or the accountant. Because our innovative software works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Upload your data

Avaletta uses the latest techniques to make your bookkeeping easier. All you need is a scanner, a mobile telephone, e-mail, Dropbox, or Google Drive to provide your invoices and other financial information. We identify and process the majority within 24 hours.