Analyses and reports

Avaletta calculates your figures real-time. You see what bills are still open, what your staff costs are and what your concrete expenses are. This allows you to keep a complete overview. Anywhere, anytime. All financial documents that you submit will be delivered to us immediately. The software analyses and interprets the submitted documents, meaning that the majority of your administration will be processed automatically within 24 hours.

Advice about opportunities

If we see interesting opportunities, we will offer immediate advice. Be assured that someone is always looking for ways to improve your investments’ revenue. Avaletta’s accounting team will also present financial audits. These audits detail actual expenditure against budgeting expenditure, to make sure your programme is on track.

Stress-free bookkeeping

Our accountants take care of your complete bookkeeping. The only thing that you have to do is ask your crew to scan and upload invoices and receipts. Allowing you insight into your data, wherever and whenever.

Funds, payments and payrolling

We can arrange the collection of funds and organize payments to all suppliers and creditors. Including the crew payroll and any other yacht expenses. On time and within budget. Our team will also maintain relationships and organize arrangements with tax authorities. And we will help secure VAT-free purchases where applicable.